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DSC_0121eIf you’re a pastor or a leader in your church, you’ve come to the right place!  With over 18 years of ministry experience, education, and coaching, I want to help your church gain positive momentum again.  If your church is already heading in the right direction, but not as quickly as you prefer, let’s work together to maximize your current progress.  As a pastor, I get your passion for the local church!

Success Story…

Christ's Church Camden

Originally intended to be a satellite campus, in 2009, Scott assumed leadership of Christ’s Church Camden with an average Sunday attendance of 72.  Through his leadership and coaching, the church has grown by more than 900% over the past 5 years to more than 1,000.  For Easter of 2014, they witnessed 2,149 people walk through their doors.  They saw over 500 decisions for Christ last year alone with 157 baptisms.


1. Church Systems

Think of your physical body for a second.  It’s full of systems that keep you alive.  There’s the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the circulatory system.  The list goes on.  If one or two of those systems isn’t running at full capacity, you can survive.  Take some meds, exercise, and you’ll be doing well soon.  However, if one of those systems shut down, your body will cease to function.

Just like your physical body is full of core systems that you need to survive, your church body is as well.  I teach 7 core church systems that you need to set up and implement in your church to have a healthy organization.

  1. Leadership…  Because everything rises and falls on leadership.
  2. Connections… The how-to and when-to for reaching and retaining first-time guests.
  3. Generosity… Because generosity begets generosity.  Ministry requires money!
  4. Worship… Because people join your church for great music and great teaching.
  5. Spiritual Formation… Don’t just grow your church a mile wide, grow it a mile deep.
  6. Volunteerism… How to develop a constant and consistent stream of servants.
  7. Blueprint…  Without a strategy, you’ll lose the game (includes outreach, evangelism and communications)
2. Growth Obstacles
Are you aware that there are habits, polices and procedures which are preventing you from breaking your next growth obstacle?  You’re trapped with a ceiling on top of you.  Until you develop yourself, your staff, your leadership and your congregation, you’ll continue to stare at that obstacle.  You’ll find yourself wondering why, but I can teach you how to navigate through that obstacle.  I believe every church is only two to three decisions away from dramatically increasing their size!
3. Leadership Development
If you’re in a smaller church then you probably need to hire great leaders on your staff.  If you’re in a larger church then you need to develop great volunteer leaders.  Without both, your church will plateau!  Bill Hybels says you should “Hire Tens.”  In other words, don’t hire a looser!  I can set you up with a hiring process to ensure you hire great leaders.Once you grow larger, stats show that only 1 out of 6 churches who reach 800-900 will go on to break the 1,000 barrier.  Do you know the #1 reason why 5 out of 6 don’t?  Leadership Development.  I can teach you how to develop the leaders you already have within your church.  (It’s not that hard, either!).  With all that said, do you know the sole reason why churches don’t grow?  It’s because the senior pastor isn’t growing.  That’s what coaching is all about.  If you’re stuck, you need a coach!
4. Church Strategy
Do you have a strategy for tomorrow, next month, next year?  If not, then you’re coasting and you need coaching.  You have a choice to make.  You can either be intentional and strategic, or you can settle for whatever.  Proverbs tells us that the lack of vision leads to “unrestrained” people.  In other words, you’ll end up with what I call a hodge-podge church (yes, that’s a theological term).  Sure, you have a lot of great people with a lot of great intentions, but they’re following their own vision.  I can train you and your team how to solidify that vision within your people with a solid strategy!

Success Story…

Real Life Christian ChurchFor four years, Real Life Christian Church averaged below 100 in Sunday morning attendance.  Once they began monthly coaching with Scott and implementing core church systems, they’ve begun forward momentum.  In less than one year of coaching, they have nearly doubled their attendance and nearly doubled their weekly average offering.  Utilizing the personalized, on-site, consultation, they were able to glean wisdom from fresh eyes and training through personalized workshops.  Scott also led them through the how-to for setting up their ministry infrastructure, mission, vision, values and metrics.