How To Recover After Tragedy

I just came out of a fairly long couple of weeks full of broken hearts for several folks in my church. As a pastor, it’s part of ministry. You don’t get to just shepherd people on the mountaintops. You also must shepherd them in the valleys as well. Depending on your personality, that can really […]

Is This Your LAST Season?

Can I vent for a moment? Maybe whine a little? Sometimes you just need to get some things off your shoulders, right? I honestly do not feel like writing much. So, this might be really short. Or, it might come flowing out in a second. I don’t know. You’ve had those weeks when every tragedy […]

3 Keys To Shepherding A Larger Church

This past week was absolutely crazy for me. I prefer to post articles once or twice each week, but I didn’t have two seconds to put anything together last week. As a full-time pastor, I have a lot more on my plate than just coaching other churches, so the demands can pile up from time […]