Why Most Pastors Won’t Preach About Money

MONEY… It’s the taboo topic in churches today. We’ve seen pastors abuse their power and take advantage of the money coming into their churches. We’ve seen some churches tackle the subject head on while others tip-toe around the topic. Here’s the reality, though. If your church is going to continue to operate, it requires cold […]

How To Increase Your Offerings In The Summer!

It happens to most every church. At some point or another, every pastor has worried about it. If you’re on staff with a church, I’m certain you’ve had to adjust your ministry because of it. I’m talking about lower offerings during the summer months. It’s just reality that once school is out, people begin to […]

How To Defeat The Summer Giving Slump

I know we just got past Easter, and Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you know what that means, though? Summer is right around the corner. Living in the Southeast on the Atlantic Ocean, most folks in my community absolutely love the summer. It’s hot. It’s sunny. The beach is only minutes away. For pastors, […]

Why Do A Christmas Offering?

I’m not going to harass you too much about my new Christmas Offering Step-By-Step System that’s now available.  I will say this, though.  Whether you purchase my system or not, you still need to conduct a Christmas Offering!  Use someone else’s system.  Get someone else’s coaching.  That doesn’t matter to me.  What matters to me […]

3 Avenues To A Larger Offering

I’ve been there and I’m sure you have been as well.  If you’re a pastor, I’m guessing there have been numerous times when the only stat you wanted to know after the Sunday service was the offering total.  That’s a stressful way to live.  Week to week, wondering if ends will meet.  You pay all […]