How To Recover After Tragedy

I just came out of a fairly long couple of weeks full of broken hearts for several folks in my church. As a pastor, it’s part of ministry. You don’t get to just shepherd people on the mountaintops. You also must shepherd them in the valleys as well. Depending on your personality, that can really […]

You Can’t Ride That Wave!

Ever had your bubble busted? You know what I’m talking about? No, I’m not talking about blowing bubbles out in the driveway with your kid. I’m talking about getting excited about something only to have someone come along and let all the air out (kinda like Tom Brady and his footballs). What you were ecstatic […]

Why Most Pastors Won’t Preach About Money

MONEY… It’s the taboo topic in churches today. We’ve seen pastors abuse their power and take advantage of the money coming into their churches. We’ve seen some churches tackle the subject head on while others tip-toe around the topic. Here’s the reality, though. If your church is going to continue to operate, it requires cold […]

How To Lose A Pastor

My associate pastor just resigned at Christ’s Church. That’s not a bad thing. He has a huge opportunity to step up to leading his own church. He’s had an incredible amount of positive influence over the past several years he’s been with us and I couldn’t be more proud of him. As a church, we’ve […]

How To Keep Your Blood Pressure From Exploding!

It’s Sunday morning. You just walked off stage feeling pretty good about your message. In fact, you killed it. People are walking out of the church smiling, hugging you, wishing you a great week. But then you notice a different individual. One who seems to be walking towards you on a mission. The person is […]

Where Should Your Focus Be?

There’s one thing that will produce more results and life-transformation in your church than any other…  FOCUS!!! When you have focus as a pastor things will become easier, you won’t get stuck as often and you’ll be able to touch more lives than you could have ever imagined. Many pastors think their biggest problem is that they […]

What The Church Can Learn From The SuperBowl

So, you made a bad call. The game is down to less than 30 seconds. You’re within a few yards of scoring the winning touchdown. There’s the obvious call. And then, there’s the call that will lose you the game. Which do you chose? If you watched the Super Bowl then I’m sure you know […]