PASTOR: You Are The Lead Worshipper!

I was visiting with a mentor of mine on the phone this past week. Him and I both served at a church about fifteen years ago together. A church that was making waves in their community in that season. Since then, though, the church has struggled. There are all kinds of variables that play into […]

Is This Your LAST Season?

Can I vent for a moment? Maybe whine a little? Sometimes you just need to get some things off your shoulders, right? I honestly do not feel like writing much. So, this might be really short. Or, it might come flowing out in a second. I don’t know. You’ve had those weeks when every tragedy […]

The Shark You’ll Never See On Shark Week!

We’re finishing up watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. We’ve seen sharks of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. One of the top things on my wife’s bucket list is to swim with sharks. Why? I’m not sure. She wants that thrill. (I’ll make sure to increase her life insurance first, though!) I don’t know […]

How To Lose A Pastor

My associate pastor just resigned at Christ’s Church. That’s not a bad thing. He has a huge opportunity to step up to leading his own church. He’s had an incredible amount of positive influence over the past several years he’s been with us and I couldn’t be more proud of him. As a church, we’ve […]

How To Keep Your Blood Pressure From Exploding!

It’s Sunday morning. You just walked off stage feeling pretty good about your message. In fact, you killed it. People are walking out of the church smiling, hugging you, wishing you a great week. But then you notice a different individual. One who seems to be walking towards you on a mission. The person is […]

When’s The Last Time Your Prayer Made God Sweat?

Top 20 Exponential Quotes

If you’re a “bottom-line” style of communicator, don’t just set this article to the side. There is a goldmine below! I had the opportunity to go to Exponential Conference last week in Tampa, Florida. Among some of the main speakers were Max Lucado, Dave Ferguson, Joby Martin, Steve Stroope, Michael Frost, and many more. Here […]