It’s Not About Your Church!

I recently visited a church of about 250. It was full of great people. I instantly felt right at home and genuinely wanted to get to know some of them. The music was great. The message was decent. They were definitely doing some fantastic ministry. I noticed something, though, that I see in nearly every […]

The Shark You’ll Never See On Shark Week!

We’re finishing up watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. We’ve seen sharks of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. One of the top things on my wife’s bucket list is to swim with sharks. Why? I’m not sure. She wants that thrill. (I’ll make sure to increase her life insurance first, though!) I don’t know […]

Same-Sex Marriage And How To Protect Your Church!

It’s the big topic amongst churches and their pastors. In light of the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all states, what does the church need to do to protect their religious convictions? As pastors, will we be forced to perform same-sex marriages? Could someone press charges if my church refuses to […]