How To Increase Your Offerings In The Summer!

It happens to most every church. At some point or another, every pastor has worried about it. If you’re on staff with a church, I’m certain you’ve had to adjust your ministry because of it. I’m talking about lower offerings during the summer months. It’s just reality that once school is out, people begin to […]

How To Defeat The Summer Giving Slump

I know we just got past Easter, and Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you know what that means, though? Summer is right around the corner. Living in the Southeast on the Atlantic Ocean, most folks in my community absolutely love the summer. It’s hot. It’s sunny. The beach is only minutes away. For pastors, […]

Where Should Your Focus Be?

There’s one thing that will produce more results and life-transformation in your church than any other…  FOCUS!!! When you have focus as a pastor things will become easier, you won’t get stuck as often and you’ll be able to touch more lives than you could have ever imagined. Many pastors think their biggest problem is that they […]

Internal Change For External Results

The fact is this, as a pastor, you want to see results. When looking at your church, as a whole, those results are very external. In other words, other people than yourself can see those results. Your church will grow in attendance. Your offerings will increase. You’ll see more volunteers. Those are external results. Here’s […]