14 Quotes From Double Conference – Day 1

If you’re familiar with the big mega-churches throughout America, no doubt Perry Noble and Newspring Church in Anderson, South Carolina has come across your radar.  Every preacher goes through a process in developing his “voice.”  To be fair, I don’t know that process ever ends.  Most young speakers, though, will listen to the “big name” […]

3 Steps To Deeper Trust

John Maxwell states that “People quit people, not companies.”  Have you experienced that?  One of the easiest illustrations is marriage and the number of divorces we continue to see.  While marriage is nothing like a company, I think it would be fair that people are not quitting marriage… they’ve quit their spouse.  The reality is […]

Top 10 Learnings From Willow Creek Leadership Summit – Day 1

If you’re not familiar with the Leadership Summit, you should make yourself aware.  It is one of the classic leadership conferences and it spans around the globe.  Why do i love it so much?  Because it’s high-quality content at an affordable price.  What makes it affordable is that they stream it live to campuses all […]

5 Keys To Developing Staff – Part 5

We come to the end of this 5-part series on how to develop your staff and what to look for when hiring new staff.  I will be completely up front and honest.  What we’re talking about today, I had to learn the hard way! You can even apply this to the leadership of your church. […]

5 Keys To Developing Staff – Part 4

So far we’ve learned about the first three keys to developing your staff (character, competence, and chemistry).  Today, we’re talking about the fourth “C” and that’s culture. Whether you realize it or not, you know what culture is.  You live in it.  You participate in it.  You’re part of creating it.  Just within the United […]

5 Keys To Developing Staff – Part 3

Did you have to take chemistry 101 in high school.  I remember taking one semester.  I hated it.  I have nothing against those who love chemistry.  It just wasn’t my thing.  Although, I’d have to admit that I did like blowing things up with the bunsen burner.  But, other than that, it wasn’t my preference. […]

5 Keys To Developing Staff – Part 2

Earlier this week I shared with you the importance of the first “C” in staffing.  Whether you are striving to develop your current staff, or maybe you’re flying solo and getting ready to hire your first staff person.  These 5 “C’s” are critical to the future of your church. The first was character.  If you […]